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River’s Up!

Finally, we got some rain and snow here, some sleet and freezing rain and rain, rain, and rain – starting around the first part of February.  Usually our rains begin in late October, so we have had plenty of catching … Continue reading

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The Missing Link

The entire Willamette River basin is huge: 11,478 square miles and 13 major tributaries that sing their names in my heart: Long Tom, Calapooia, McKenzie, Luckiamute, Santiam, Yamhill, Tualatin, Clackamas… They slide like water over the tongue of my mind … Continue reading

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Scared or Sacred

Scared.  Or Sacred.  Only one letter switched around makes the difference. I get scared often.  I am scared of strangers, scared of crowds, scared of guns, scared of the plight of our planet, scared of pythons, scared of people who … Continue reading

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For a fiercer life

“We can make our minds so like still water that beings gather about us that they may see, it may be, their own images, and so live for a moment with a clearer, perhaps even with a fiercer life, because … Continue reading

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Being Earnest

A new friend of mine hushed her husband who was teasing me about something, “George, now.  Susan is earnest!” she chided.  And I considered, inside, “What in the world does that mean?  Really.”  So, I meandered home and looked it … Continue reading

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Wild Life

Walking down to pick up our mail last week, a loose dog trotted towards me alongside the road.   About the size of a German Shepherd, tan and sleek, he didn’t skip a step, not a bit shy.  Surprised, since … Continue reading

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Is it a journey or a pilgrimage?  And how do you know?  Some people walk to a holy site, and it’s a journey:  they are tourists perhaps or just wandering.  Others might take the exact same trail, and it is … Continue reading

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State of the River

River is down today, almost to summer depths, all her bones showing or at least many of them.  Mid-winter, the river should be up and flowing with some abandon, not all weepy and creeping along.  I feel some concern for … Continue reading

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Peering at the EKG of the river

“The river that flows in you also flows in me.”  Kabir River is down now almost to summer levels; no rain for awhile.  Boulders and rocks are exposed.  I expected heavy flow in January, not this. I’m fixated on the … Continue reading

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Lady River’s muscle

A friend of mine reminded me of a song by Linda Allen called Lady River.  More of us river lovers, coming out of the woodwork.  She sings: “When your back is breaking and your heart is sore, Take it down to … Continue reading

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