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Call for River Healing Prayers and Poems

Waldo Lake, the source.  My heart is aligning with the source of the source of the source! Meanwhile, here at home, divers pulled six cars from the river down at the Oak Grove Boulevard boat launch, about a month ago. … Continue reading

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Scared or Sacred

Scared.  Or Sacred.  Only one letter switched around makes the difference. I get scared often.  I am scared of strangers, scared of crowds, scared of guns, scared of the plight of our planet, scared of pythons, scared of people who … Continue reading

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Being Earnest

A new friend of mine hushed her husband who was teasing me about something, “George, now.  Susan is earnest!” she chided.  And I considered, inside, “What in the world does that mean?  Really.”  So, I meandered home and looked it … Continue reading

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The Long and Beautiful River

A friend of mine from West Virginia, an artist and teacher and prophetic leader who is following my blog here, asked me “What does the name Willamette mean?  Is it from William?”  I didn’t know, and loved the question, loved … Continue reading

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Dental work today in Oregon City: removing two old fillings, and creating a temporary crown.  Because of my asthma cough variant, which causes me to gag and throw up quite often, I prepared with some diligence this morning.  Diligence and … Continue reading

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Is it a journey or a pilgrimage?  And how do you know?  Some people walk to a holy site, and it’s a journey:  they are tourists perhaps or just wandering.  Others might take the exact same trail, and it is … Continue reading

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State of the River

River is down today, almost to summer depths, all her bones showing or at least many of them.  Mid-winter, the river should be up and flowing with some abandon, not all weepy and creeping along.  I feel some concern for … Continue reading

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The power of love

“I saw the river over which every soul must pass to reach the kindom of heaven, and the name of that river was suffering… and I saw the boat which carries souls across the river, and the name of that … Continue reading

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Tide Clock

Why confine God within the walls of the church? Why not baptize ourselves back into the river where the great blue heron stands watch with his clear, unerring eye?  – Erik Reece, a contributing editor of Orion.   Here’s what … Continue reading

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Christmastime, and I’m lazy.  I watch the river from my window with binoculars, checking to see if she’s flowing north or south, and how fierce she is in the moment.  It’s warm and dry in the house, and mostly it’s … Continue reading

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