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Wild Life

Walking down to pick up our mail last week, a loose dog trotted towards me alongside the road.   About the size of a German Shepherd, tan and sleek, he didn’t skip a step, not a bit shy.  Surprised, since … Continue reading

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Christmastime, and I’m lazy.  I watch the river from my window with binoculars, checking to see if she’s flowing north or south, and how fierce she is in the moment.  It’s warm and dry in the house, and mostly it’s … Continue reading

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River’s up

River’s been up, and back down a little again since the big rains last week.  I missed the highest level.  You can tell by how muddy the ground is, slippery and dark.  But the river was heading north this afternoon … Continue reading

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Driving south by Milwaukie’s bay, where the Willamette opens out her arms in greeting there, I always snatch a quick glimpse of Elk Rock Island, and the little rock bridge that goes from there to the mainland, so to speak. … Continue reading

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