Call for River Healing Prayers and Poems

Waldo Lake, the source.  My heart is aligning with the source of the source of the source!

Meanwhile, here at home, divers pulled six cars from the river down at the Oak Grove Boulevard boat launch, about a month ago.  Six cars, just dumped into the river.  Out of sight, out of mind.  What are people thinking!   Probably not thinking.  That’s just one boat launch, out of the entire outstretched watershed.

Meanwhile, I have one eye on a fearless group of Native Americans who have walked the length of the Mississippi River, offering healing prayers every step of the way.  They inspire me, with their campfires and circle dances and songs to their sacred river, their river who is in trouble, too.  They started in the snow and now it is the end of summer.

So, I have a tiny vial of holy water from Lourdes, I shall bring that with me, and offer it to the Willamette, who is also hurting in her own way.  I have a teaspoon of colored sand from the Kalachakra Peace Mandala created by Tibetan monks here in Portland a decade or so ago when the Dalai Lama visited us.  After they finished it, grain by grain, they smooshed it all up into a pile, gave tiny bags to people who were lucky enough to be at the downtown library at the time.  The remainder they carried in procession with drums and gongs down to the Willamette, where, they said, all the prayers would go into the ocean, and encircle the earth.  I’m for that.  So, I’ll add my little teaspoon to my offering to Waldo Lake.

AND I INVITE YOU ALL to send me prayers and poems and simple wishes for Eric and I to offer to the lake, as we walk and pray and gawk and stumble in awe and cry and pray some more.  If you would like to be a part of this healing ceremony, however humble, please send them to me either here, or via my email at

Our river needs our prayers.

What I wonder is: will I know, back home, when the water with the prayers goes sliding by our local park.  Will they wave to me as they go by, on their way to the Columbia, to the ocean, to encircle the earth?  Maybe so.



About susankerrshawn

Retired Hakomi therapist and body worker; community activist; writer; environmentalist. Happily married to an amazing man. Thinking about many things as I reflect on my nearby river, the Willamette, a trustworthy spiritual guide if there ever was one! And how it is to live with a terminal diagnosis of kidney cancer.
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2 Responses to Call for River Healing Prayers and Poems

  1. brucethomasw says:

    Thanks for yours and Eric’s commitment to the sacred waters Susan. when do you plan to embark for the headwaters. I would love to send an along a poem or maybe even two, though I’d like to ponder it a bit. Sorry about the cars in the river. Bruce

    • Hi Bruce,

      Thanks for commiserating with our poor river! We’re going sometime towards the middle of September. One or two poems, whatever your hearts sings to you, would be most welcome. While I’m at Waldo Lake, I would be happy to send water greetings to your waters, too. Not sure if you live on a lake or on the bay?


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